Monday, March 4, 2013

Ikea Basement Organization

I showed you our basement playroom in all it's messy glory a couple weeks ago. Here's a reminder.

I've been talking about going to IKEA since January to get items to organize it. Well folks, it finally happened. Saturday we made it up to Cincinnati to IKEA!! We stopped off at Boston Market on the way and it was so good. Wish we had one of those locally. Heck, I wish we had an IKEA locally too!

I had a list before we went and we actually got everything on the list and then some. I'm sure that happens to everyone, right? I wanted either one long or two short tables and two chairs, some sort of organizational compartment and picture frames. Check, check, check and check. I was also on the lookout for shelves and a basket to finish off my bathroom makeover. Got those too.

 We were working with black and red to begin with so the table/chair options worked in our favor. As much as I'd like to bring a more cozy feel to the basement with color, it's just not going to happen. Someone worked super hard on these stripes and unless David Bromstad or Candice Olsen show up to give us a basement makeover, I'm not changing it.

We still have some rearranging to do with the furniture and tv, but other than that, I'm totally satisfied with it.

Big difference!!  Love IKEA!!

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  1. What a wonderful space! I'm in South Texas and we don't have basements here. You've organized it very nicely with all your Ikea finds! Great job


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