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I am a very blessed woman!  I've been married to my wonderful husband since 2006.  In 2009 we welcomed our fraternal twin boys into our family.  I get to stay home with my boys most days, but I do venture out into the workforce and punch a clock one day a week.  Frankly, one day a week is just enough :)  I love making things; being creative with my hands.  As a young adult I don't remember being crafty unless you call painting your fingernails each night to match your outfit the next day crafty.  In college, though, my roommate taught me a few basic crochet stitches so I could make a scarf.  It took off from there.  I started making my own jewelry and that is my favorite creative outlet.  Along with crocheting and jewelry making I also love to sew, paint furniture, and repurpose old into new.  Recently, I have even discovered an appreciation for cooking.  Thank you Pinterest!  My life seems always busy and chaotic, but I like it that way.  Otherwise, it would just be boring.  That's where the name came from.  I LOVE the life I LIVE and CRAFT when I can.  Join me in my ventures!!

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