Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Funerals Suck!

They do. There's no way around it. And it's purely selfish too. I'm so sad. I won't get to see you or talk to you again. I want you here with me. Of course you're glad they aren't suffering anymore and with our savior in heaven, but it still hurts.

At least funerals bring families together. We got to be together as a family and haven't been that way since Nana's 90th surprise party 7 years ago. We got to hear stories about Nana, learning things about her as a person and not just a grandparent.  There is so much family history and it just hasn't been shared. It was wonderful spending times with cousins. It was therapeutic for Nana's three children to be together sharing their memories.

The hardest part for me, on top of dealing with adult grief, was trying to explain to my 3 year olds.  They just don't understand, not fully.  They don't know why Nana can't be in heaven and with us at the same time. With time, it will make more sense and will be easier for us to explain. Holding back tears while talking to them about it was nearly impossible. 

Nana, you were quite a woman. You were dearly loved by your family and will be missed dearly as well.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Goodbye, For Now

Early this morning, our Nana passed away.  She had lived 97 years on this earth.  Imagine all of the things one sees over 97 years.  The good, the bad.  The wonderful and horrendous.  It is an amazing life, 97 years. What a very blessed lady she was.  Up until last year when she had a stroke, she was in excellent health for her age.  Even after her stroke, she fought to get back to speaking and being understood.  She succeeded too.  She was a very straightforward person.  Sometimes, too straightforward, but she was Nana.  She always lit up when she saw her grandkids/great grandkids.

I dread telling my boys.  I know what I'm going to say and I truly believe what I'm going to say with all of my heart, but it doesn't make it any easier.  They are in the "why?" stage full on right now and I don't believe that our conversation will end with me just telling them.  I don't know that I will be able to hold it together trying to explain all the whys.

Goodbye for now Nana!  

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just Pick a Color

So I have this bathroom.  Well, it's a half bath on the main floor of our house.  It's small.  It's oddly shaped.  It has no natural light whatsoever.  It's an odd color painted by the people before us. It is in dire need of a face lift.  Here's a look.  These are completely unedited so you can see how odd the color is in the space.

See what I mean??  Ick!!  Since there is no natural light and just a little light fixture in there, I wanted to pick a color that felt light and airy.  The door stays open, unless in use of course, so it also needed to be a calm color that wouldn't be crazy to look at when walking past.  I have picked a color, now I need to figure out what to put on the walls.  I want to keep the color palette light blue and white.  I can't decide if I want a shelf/shelves over the toilet or what.  

The color is the second one from the top.  It's Porter Paint's Memory Lane.  I've looked at the paint chip tons of times at different times of the day to make sure which color would be best.  After getting a few extra opinions, I definitely think Memory Lane would be a great color.

I bought an antique mirror at a yard sale for $2 that I might put up just to give the room some character.  I'd love to get rid of the pedestal sink and get a real vanity but that's not in the budget. The sad thing about it all is that I lack a vision for this space.  I've never had that problem before.  I need to find a picture or something to give me inspiration for the room.  I want it complete before Christmas when people are in our house.  Any suggestions??  What does your bathroom look like??
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Homemade Heating Pad

Oh my goodness.  I can't believe I haven't been here in two weeks.  Sorry folks.  It has been so crazy, getting near a computer just wasn't an option.  Planning a baby shower, getting things ready for two craft shows, organizing a yard sale and running a household just didn't leave me any time for blogging.  That being said, I've been working on lots of projects and trying recipes.  I'm in process of a few projects and still have a few left to start.  All which I'll be able to show you!

Handmade Heating Pads

I made these last Christmas for the ladies in my family and of course, myself.  I have used mine and love it.  Now that the weather is cooling, I expect to be using it a lot more.  Brassy Apple has a great tutorial that I followed and now I want to share it with you!

The best thing about these, aside from the yummy smell, is that they are super easy.  You need maybe 15 minutes from start to finish.

wheat or rice
essential oil
sewing machine and things that go along with it

Cut your material 10x14. Make sure your 14" side goes along with the pattern of your fabric.  

This is where my directions differed from the Brassy Apple tutorial.  Fold your fabric in half, right sides together so that it's 5x14.  Leaving one end open as your top, sew along the long side and the bottom end.  It should give you a tube with one end open.

Fold your raw edges in about 1/2 inch and press flat.  

Put 3.5 - 4 cups of rice or wheat into a bowl.  I've used both and just happened to have rice available to me this day for my project.  I've used Red Mill wheat and like it just as well as the rice.  Add 3-5 drops of your essential oil and stir.  I've used peppermint and lavendar.  Then scoop your rice into your tube.  It will fill it about halfway or just a little less.  

Top stitch two rows to secure it.  Make sure you're stitching on the 1/2 inch that you folded in so it will be nice and strong.  That's it.  You're finished!  Pop that bad boy in the microwave 45-60 seconds and enjoy.  It's a treat for your muscles and your nose!  

Send me pictures if you make one!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bow Clutch

Have you seen my sewing board on Pinterest??  It is full of all kinds of cool ideas that I would love to do but will probably never get around to doing.  However, in preparation for our cruise, I knew I needed a small clutch to hold my camera, lipstick and SeaPass card.  I have one I made a while back that is fine, but didn't seem dressy enough.  I went straight to my sewing board for ideas.  As soon as I saw this picture,
                                                      Diy bow clutch tute
I knew I had to make it.  Whitney over at Elm Street Life has fabulous step by step pic tutorial that made it super easy for me to make.  I love her mustard fabric, but I didn't have anything like that on hand.  I did, however, have an awesome teal and white polka dot fabric that needed a purpose.  I think it turned out ADORABLE and I used it every day on the cruise!

Here's what you'll need:
1/3 yard of fabric
interfacing of your choice (I used fusible fleece)
matching thread
9in zipper
machine, pins, rotary cutter/scissors


*Now that both outside pieces and both lining pieces are attached to the zipper, unzip the zipper half way.  *Lay it out so that one lining piece and one outside piece are on your table right sides facing up.  Lay the other corresponding piece on top of it's mate so that both outside pieces are right side together and both lining pieces are right side together.  
*Take two pins and along the bottom of the lining piece in the middle, pin them 2-2.5 inches apart.  This is going to leave a hole after we've stitched the rest together so you can turn the clutch right side out. 
* Grab your strap piece and fold it in half.  
*Put it between the two outside pieces that are right sides together.  Make sure the loop is between the pieces and that the raw edge is sticking out about 1/2-1 inch.  

There you go!  A great little clutch for everyday or special occasions!  Change the fabric, change the feel of it. I definitely plan to make more!

If you make one, be sure to email me pictures!
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Back On Land

I'm back and happy to be home!!  I told you I was away from technology for the week, but I didn't tell you why.  Let me just show you...

That's right!  We took a very relaxing trip down to the Caribbean.  It was a wonderful 7 days.  I missed my boys like crazy, but this made it a little easier!

Yeah, that definitely made it a little easier to be away.  Our homecoming though, was absolutely priceless!

So you see, I did have a really good reason to be away.  Now, back to the grind.  Got a great tutorial for you tomorrow so stay tuned!!
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