Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just Pick a Color

So I have this bathroom.  Well, it's a half bath on the main floor of our house.  It's small.  It's oddly shaped.  It has no natural light whatsoever.  It's an odd color painted by the people before us. It is in dire need of a face lift.  Here's a look.  These are completely unedited so you can see how odd the color is in the space.

See what I mean??  Ick!!  Since there is no natural light and just a little light fixture in there, I wanted to pick a color that felt light and airy.  The door stays open, unless in use of course, so it also needed to be a calm color that wouldn't be crazy to look at when walking past.  I have picked a color, now I need to figure out what to put on the walls.  I want to keep the color palette light blue and white.  I can't decide if I want a shelf/shelves over the toilet or what.  

The color is the second one from the top.  It's Porter Paint's Memory Lane.  I've looked at the paint chip tons of times at different times of the day to make sure which color would be best.  After getting a few extra opinions, I definitely think Memory Lane would be a great color.

I bought an antique mirror at a yard sale for $2 that I might put up just to give the room some character.  I'd love to get rid of the pedestal sink and get a real vanity but that's not in the budget. The sad thing about it all is that I lack a vision for this space.  I've never had that problem before.  I need to find a picture or something to give me inspiration for the room.  I want it complete before Christmas when people are in our house.  Any suggestions??  What does your bathroom look like??
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  1. I'm in the middle of re-doing our guest bath which is also the girls' bathroom. I'm struggling bc I have a vision for it, but can't find what I'm looking for in the stores! I hate that!

  2. Our half-bath also has the pedestal sink that I'd love to replace with a pretty vanity that looks like a piece of furniture with granite on top. I've seen some for reasonable prices, but I would need to examine the quality of the wood. However, like you, it's not in our budget. We painted ours a warm color, but it made the room very dark. We replaced all the plumbing fixtures, light, and mirror to oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and put in white crown molding, which I really like, but I just wish we'd have picked a lighter shade. I think you could put in a great shelf due to the shape of your bathroom. Good luck! I look forward to seeing the finished product.


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