Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So Who's Ready For Christmas?

It's not even Thanksgiving yet and...
*The stores are loaded with Christmas stuff
*Two local radio stations are playing nonstop Christmas music
*Hallmark has started airing Christmas movies
*Christmas commercials have started
*Pinterest has been overtaken with Christmas food and crafts

I have seen a few people boohoo over all of the above and I just giggle.  It is what it is and you might as well get in the spirit.  As a former high school choir member who had to start singing Christmas music before Halloween to prepare for our Christmas concert, I love that Christmas music is already available.  It helps get me in the mood.  I love that Christmas movies are on tv so that when I sit down at night to work on the Christmas gifts I am making, it gets me in the mood.  I love that my son has moved on from witches back to Santa because Christmas stuff is out.  I love the season and no matter the griping, I'm enjoying it!!  (I do not appreciate that stores are opening earlier on Thanksgiving, though.  I think that stinks a big one!)

My first Christmas craft went to my unborn nephew last weekend.  I was super proud of how it turned out!
Repeat Crafter Me had an adorable frosty crochet hat pattern floating around on Pinterest and I knew I had to make it.  The best part about how it turned out, my sister loved it.  Score!

This will be perfect for his newborn pictures in January!  What Christmas projects have you started on already??
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  1. That hat is too cute! You did a great job :) we always have Thanksging at our house so I can't really get in the Christmas spirit until after we are done with it. I like to put up all my decorations the weekend after. I did start a little Christmas shopping already though. I've got lots more to do!

  2. so sweet!! It will be perfect in January for keeping his little head warm!

    ps: Southern Color nominated you for the Liebser Award!


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