Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Changing Up the China Cabinet

The two major projects I have going on right now are my dining room and half bath.  My half bath is on hold until I can get to IKEA.  My dining room is in progress.  I can see it from the two rooms I spend the majority of my time in, the kitchen and living room.  It's a big room with green walls, a dining table, buffet and china cabinet.  There is a small random white mirror on the wall above the buffet and nothing on the opposite wall where the china cabinet is.  It just feels so unfinished and cold.  I've lacked inspiration to complete the space for the last two years.  All it took was new curtains and some time on Pinterest & to fill me up with inspiration.

My biggest hang up with the dining room is my china cabinet.  Let me first say that I love my china cabinet.  I love how the design is traditional but the high gloss white paint and the fabric in the back are modern.  I love mixing those elements.  Here's a reminder of my first furniture renovation.

The thing that bugs me is the fabric in the back clashes horribly with the wall color.  You can see just how much in the pictures.  Even though the wall color was one of the colors in the fabric, it just doesn't go.  Last week I had enough of the clashing.  I ripped out the fabric.  It was cheaper and less hassle (and argument from the husband) than painting the whole room.  I thought I would be sad that my first baby was no more, but it instantly made me happy.  After discussing some options with my dad, I decided to paint the backing.  The best part about that option was the price tag: FREE!  I had a sample of Olypmic's Earl Gray paint left over and it worked perfectly!!  It makes me excited when projects work, especially those on the fly.  The neutral color makes it feel warm and it still feels like a good mix of traditional and modern.

After we rearrange the furniture, I'll get to add my new china to the cabinet.  Well, it was just handed down to me by my grandma but it's new to me!  With each item, I get excited to be one step closer to a finished room!
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