Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let's Get Organized, Organized

Let's get organized, organized. I wanna get organized. Let's get into organized. Wait! That's not how Olivia Newton John sings it. That's how it is in my head though.

I want to let you in on a little secret. My life is full of clutter. Oh, that's not a secret? What tipped you off? Could it be the fact I live with two preschool boys? Yup! I organize. I try to teach them everything has a place. Ultimately, though, in a day my house is back to messy. Here's an example of what my basement looks like right this second. (yes I'm blogging instead of cleaning)

Even when they help me clean it still ends up looking like this when they're given play time. I've had enough. ENOUGH! I've pinned plenty of organizational tips and spent some time looking through them today. It's time to declutter my house! In the process it will get organized. I've managed to go through my drawers and closet today pulling out clothes I know for sure need to be removed. Tonight during evening clean up, I got out some clear bins I got from the dollar store and organized some toys. I threw away things that needed to go and set aside things that will go to my nephew. There are two storage areas in my house full of stuff waiting for a yard sale. I'm psyched for yard sale season. The hubs and I have an Ikea trip planned to get some furniture/organizational items for our basement.

Here's what I know. You have to purge, purge, purge. Why keep things you don't need or use? Don't keep things for the what if's. If it doesn't have an intended purpose, get rid of it! This is something I'm in the process of implementing in my house. It feels good to see space opening up as things I don't need are being removed. It gives me motivation to keep going. I'm looking at this like a home decor project, which excites me.

Here's what I started in our living room today.

Batman and other superheroes in one container. Cars and other action figures in one container. Legos in a smaller container. The boys can see what's inside and won't need to dump them all out since they can easily see them all. Why didn't I do this sooner?

Here's a very small portion of the books we have.

I've pulled out board books that they don't need. Now I need to go through and remove the books that are more for older kids who can fully read on their own and store them away for now. Just doing a little at a time might take a lot longer but I'll see progress. If I wait until I have a whole lot of time or a full day to work on it, it'll never get to it. I'll keep you updated to hold myself accountable. Happy organizing!!

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