Thursday, August 16, 2012

Giveaway Winner & SYTYCD

Let's do the exciting thing first :)  It's time to announce the winner of the giveaway.  Thanks everyone for participating.  I wish you could all be winners, but there's only one necklace.  

Thanks to the winner is Karrie S for the 8th comment.  Karrie I'll be sending you an email letting you know the good news.  Here's a reminder of what's coming your way!
That was fun!  Might have to do that again when we hit 75 followers :)



Tonight was entirely dedicated to Mia Michael's dances.  Frankly, it was rather disappointing.  The thing about this show, it has such amazing dancers that just shine in their pieces.  When I remember those Mia dances, it's because of the people who made them so special.   To have season 10 contestants dance routines of previous seasons, they can't really live up to the originals.  The judges even made comments like this through out the night.  They did announce that starting next week they are bringing back the all stars and that's super exciting!!  Overall, going from top 20 to top 10 has been a let down.  I hope as they move from top 10 to top girl and top boy that the show rocks my socks off!

They sent 2 girls and 2 boys home tonight.  I think they got the girls right 100%.  Amelia and Janelle, for me and apparently the rest of America, weren't  as good as the others.  The boys was a hard decision.  I liked the bottom 3 boys.  I was sad to see Matthew & Dareian go, but they had to send someone home and George definitely deserved to stay.  I'm really hoping to be wowed next week!  You hear that FOX??

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