Thursday, August 30, 2012


Where does the time go?  I am taking the boys to Preschool orientation today?  WHAT??  That is insane I tell you!  My boys shouldn't be this old yet.  I'm excited that they're going and excited at the time I'll have to do things around the house, but it's still weird to me.

Did you see SYTYCD last night?  Great dancing!  I missed it last week because of vacation and was disappointed, but last night was a good one to come back to.  I wasn't surprised to see Lindsey and Will go. My two favorites, Witney & Cyrus, are still there so I was very happy.

My favorite dance of the night was Witney's hip hop routine with Twitch.  Let me just be honest for a second.  I totally just typed Stitch.  Not because I don't know Twitch's name, but because we've watched Lilo and Stitch so much that it just totally came out without me realizing what I was writing.  Sheesh!  Witney rocked it and of course Twitch did too!!  She keeps ending up in the bottom and I'm just not sure why.  She's a great dancer and has such a charisma and likability.

My favorite solo of the night was Eliana's.  She's such a beautiful ballet dancer.  She has a grace and ease about her dancing.  She also has a personality that just shines.

Cole & Alison's Sonja routine was just freaky and cool.

The dance Cyrus did with Melanie was too cute.  So playful and fun to watch.

Tiffany & Ade's dance to Celion Dion's song was beautiful!

They are just a couple of weeks away from the finale and I think it's really going to be hard to see any of them go next week!  Who did you vote for??

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