Saturday, August 18, 2012

Guest Post: Projects Around the House

I have some great things lined up for you this week.  There are some things going on that will have me unable to get to my computer so there are some lovelies taking over to share great things with you!  I'm so excited they're stopping by.

We start off the week with Christine.  Her posts helped me design my blog.  She has so many great tutorials on her blog, you must go check them out!!

Wide to skinny shorts
Hi Living Loving Crafting readers! I am excited to be guest posting for Jeannie today. My name is Christine and I blog over at Projects Around The House. I blog about the crafty projects I have going on. I love to sew, garden, crochet, cook and more.
I have been on a refashioning kick lately to work through my out of control refashion pile piece by piece. One of my favorite ways to refashion is to take a wide pair of pants, capris or shorts and make them skinny. I use pieces I already own or shop for great deals at the thrift store.
I’ve shared two projects already for skinnifying my tangerine capris and white capris and now I have a pair of shorts I’m going to share with you.
These lovelies were a thrift store find. I got them on 75 cents day and I was so excited to find a pair at the price! I was looking for a black pair of shorts and these ones fit my waist. The only problem was that they were too wide but since they were only 75 cents I couldn’t pass them up.
I’ve done a similar technique like this many times on capris and pants but it is so much easier with shorts. They don’t need to bend at the knee so it’s easier to avoid taking them in too far.
I took the shorts and turned them inside out. I laid another pair of shorts that I liked the width of on top of the black shorts. I drew a line on the black shorts down the side of the white shorts with tailors chalk. The pic I have below is a little deceiving because I actually moved my line over a little bit more. If you don’t have a pair of shorts that fits the way you want you can also try on the shorts and pin where you want to take them in. That’s what I did with my tangerine capris.

Sew down the line you just drew. Make sure the line is straight or you will get strange puckers in the seam. Try on the shorts to make sure they fit. If they aren’t tight enough then sew a new line a little bit over from the first one to make the legs tighter. If they are too tight, unpick your seam and sew your line out a little bit to make the leg looser. Once you have the right fit (I almost never get it right the first time) then sew a zig zag line on the outside of the new seam and cut off the extra. Finish it off by pressing the seam flat to make it look more professional.
Now I have a cute pair of black skinny shorts for a steal! (P.S. If you like my necklace you can see how I made it here)

skinny shorts

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  1. What a difference! They look great! And the price, even better!


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