Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Now that I have your attention, let's talk earrings.  I know and I'm sorry.  I have no hunky guys to show you, unless you'd like to see a picture of my husband.  He's taken, so I don't want to tease you!

Earrings!  By now, you know I love making my own jewelry.  If you invite me to a jewelry party, I'll will browse the catalog taking mental notes of what's trendy so I can go home and make my own version for a fraction of the cost.  However, I have not made any stud earrings.  I only had one pair of fake pearl studs that my sister gave me-until vacation.  Panama City Beach has a huge outside mall called Pier Park.  When I saw there was a Forever 21 there, I knew I had to go.  Have you been to their accessory section?  Jackpot for real!!  It's cute trendy stuff at super duper cheap prices.  I bought two pair of earrings in Hawaii last year  that I love so why not try the PCB store for some studs.  Again, JACKPOT!!

I got my hands on two pair of earrings for $3.80 a piece!  They're not something I'll wear often, but at these prices, I wasn't leaving without them.  I have worn both of them and LOVE how they look.  I'm definitely a stud fan now :)  That's such a fun word, don't you think??  Stud, Stud, Stud!

I am starting to look at accessories in a different way these days.  Things don't always have to matchy match.  They just need to go together.  I've heard Stacy & Clinton say this on several episodes so I've finally taken it to heart.  It's hard to untrain yourself when you've done something for years.  But, when you're not trying to be so exact about matching, it really does make things easier!  What are some of your favorite accessories??

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