Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #3

The Pinterest Challenge is here again!  Thanks to the ladies who've linked up the last two weeks.  We're hoping for more links this week.  Share the challenge with your friends so they can link up too!

Michelle at Greene Acres Hobby Farm had one of my "Oh my goodness I must do that ASAP!"  tutorials I found on Pinterest.  You can't tell me this picture doesn't inspire you to want to sit at your sewing machine and whip up a few!
Greene Acres Hobby Farm: Easy Sew Envelope Pillow Covers
I love the fabric she chose.  They're so fun and happy.  With my mental change to fall already in process, it was time to do some new throw pillows for the couch.  My sister gave me some cranberry pillows she was no longer using.  Cranberry is not my color, but they would be great to cover.  HELLO PINTEREST TUTORIAL!!  I used one of the awesome fabrics I purchased from and when I was in Hobby Lobby over the weekend for another project, I came across a chevron fabric (OMG I am so happy HL has chevron fabric!!!) that would coordinate perfectly!!  Here's how they turned out...

I'm a huge fan and look forward to making more!  Who doesn't have 30 minutes to make some awesome pillows??

Now it's your turn.  Share with us what Pinterest has inspired you to do!!

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