Monday, August 13, 2012

Travel Binders

In preparation for a family trip coming up, I've been really trying to create some things to keep my kiddos busy in the car.  We are not going to rely on the dvd player for entertainment the entire trip.  I came across something on Pinterest (can't find it now to give proper credit-if this was you, let me know!) that was genius. It was a binder that had markers connected to the front cover and drawing paper inside.  There's no way my boys are going to have markers in a car, but crayons would work too.  I decided I must make this, but there had to be more to it.  A picture seek n find would be great to add.  Simple project, great at occupying time!

Supplies: 3 ring Binder
wide ruled paper
sticky back round velcro
page divider(s)
magazine pictures
glue stick

The binders I bought had this piece of cardboard in then and since I couldn't find my page dividers I decided just to use this.  At this point, I only have two sections so it works for now.  

Get your sticky back velcro dots and open then up.  I used 8 large crayons so I needed 8 of each side. 

Place the soft velcro dot on your crayon.  Watch the placement.  I put mine towards the flat top end so it wouldn't be in their way when holding it.  

Place the rough velcro dot(what's the technical word for this?) on the inside binder cover.  Then put your crayons on the velcro to make sure they stick.

There's section one.  Paper to draw and crayons that stay in place.  Yes!!

Cut pictures out of magazines.  I only had Traditional Home mags in the house so I was limited on what fun things I could cut out.  I also needed two of each item.  I still have a few more to root through but when it hit 11pm, I was finished for the night!

Glue your pics down with your glue stick.  Also, keep a list of your items.  Since my little ones can't read, I'll have to tell them which items to look for.  I sure won't be able to remember what's in there!

So there you have it.  If I come up with something for a third section, which I hope I can, I'll add it.  I want to have a smooth trip and definitely need as many activities for them as possible.  What are some travel activities you have used for your little ones????

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  1. Maybe some alpha numeric fun for the third section - or even easy beginner words... Cute!!!

  2. When my kids were young (I'm a grandmother now)I made a set of bingo cards (I wonder where they ended up). On the cards I put pictures of items that were most common for the area we typically traveled: trees, yellow school bus, red car, blue car, horses, dog, telephone poles... ... You can get the majority of these items from clip-art and print them out. You could also leave them uncolored and let the kids color them in themselves. I cannot remember what the prize was when my kids hit "BINGO" but you could let them pick a song to sing, or what the next movie on the DVD will be, or where to eat at the next stop... ... or you could be prepared with little prizes. (You can even do a search for "How to make your own bingo cards" there are SEVERAL options to print your own!) Hopefully this helps.


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