Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baby Quilt

Along with the Halloween crafty time this past weekend, I also tried my hand at quilting.  Now, when I say quilting, I mean the most basic of all quilts possible.  My cousin's baby shower was Sunday and I decided Saturday to make the quilt.  I know that sounds nuts.  Who can make a quilt the night before a baby shower??  Anyone can.  On Pinterest, of course, I was browsing quilts looking for something easy I could make for my little nephew on the way.  I saw this picture.
                                    Animals and Chevron Retro Baby Blanket
It took me to a tutorial on Ode to Inspiration.  The fabric caught my attention but the tutorial won my heart! It was perfect for me.  There is no angle cutting and piecing together which are the two things that I want nothing to do with!

For real directions, check out her tutorial.  Here's a very quick run down of what I did.   I got 1 yard of flannel in a solid color for my bottom and used it for the size of my blanket which was 36x42.  I cut the middle fabric as wide as I wanted (I didn't measure) x 42.  I cut my two coordinating fabrics just like she did - the length of the quilt, 42", but had one coordinating fabric bigger than the other.  I sewed the coordinating fabrics together and then sewed them to the middle making one large rectangle.  I put my batting on the floor first, then laid my bottom piece on top, face up.  I laid my top piece face down on top.  I pinned all the way around leaving a gap of about 8-10".  I stitched all the way around except the gap.  Turn that baby right side out.  Where the gap is, fold it in and around.  Top stitch all the way around.  I then top stitched around each individual fabric to give it a quilting effect.  That sucked!!  I guess "they're" right, whomever they are, when they suggest you get a walking foot for quilting.  It bunched and I had to fix it a few times which was kind of a pain, but in the end it was totally worth it.  Here's how baby Kinzley's quilt turned out.  Mommy Emily loved it and that made it worth the slice I took off my index finger when I was cutting fabric.  Oops!

Thanks Maysem for the tutorial and inspiration!!

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  1. It looks fabulous!! Thanks for the shout out! I'm so happy to hear that my little tutorial was helpful:) I'll be sharing this over at my FB page.


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