Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Halloween Costumes

What do you do when your boy wants to be a witch for Halloween?  I'm not going to tell him no.  It comes from an innocent place.  Really, it's my fault.  The Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite movie.  We've watched it a hundred times. They were even the Scarecrow and Tin Man their second Halloween.

It's his favorite too.  He loves all of the characters from the movie, but for whatever reason, the witch is his favorite.  Normally, it doesn't matter.  He likes witch books and the Hocus Pocus witches.  He knows they are pretend.  However, how do you put together a witch costume for a little boy??  The internet was no help.  What I have pictured in my head is a witch hat, black sweat shirt and sweat pants and a broom.  Sound adequate?  I wanted him to be something fun like a kid dragon.  Nope, wicked witch.  Oy!

We were doing our grocery shopping this week and guess what we came across!?!?!?
That's right, my friends.  We found his wicked witch hat, for under $2.  I can not tell you how incredibly excited he was when we found it.  I can not tell you how happy I was when I saw it was cheap!  I'm all for cultivating their imaginations, but at a reasonable cost :)  Now I need to get him his broom.  He has a blue plastic rake that came in an outside gardening kit that he rides around on calling it his broom.  It's time we graduate to a real broom.  

As of 10 minutes ago, his brother wants to be a pirate.  About 30 minutes ago it was a black cat.  This kid is going to change his mind a million times.  I'm a bit sneaky though.  I'm going to go ahead and get the pirate costume for a few different reasons.  1) If I go ahead and get it now, he can't change his mind.  Well, he can, but he can't.  2) If we go ahead and order it, once he gets here he will be so excited that he won't want to change his mind.  He's wanted to be everything from a pumpkin to a green dragon to a pirate.  Pirate it is!  If Mommy can't pick her favorite, I'm sure going to pick the best of his ideas :)  I even found one for $19.99 online and in the costume world, that's a good price!  Here's a sneak peek.  

                                                    Ahoy Matey Pirate Toddler Costume

Looks like the boys are settled.  Now I have to come up with costumes for myself and the spouse.  We've done a few couples costumes, but not in the last couple of years.  I'd like to this year, but what?  I need some ideas!!  Let me pick your brain!  Not in a zombie sort of way.  Ick!  Just a give me your costume ideas way.  What should we be???


  1. You make me laugh!! I think your costume idea for L is fine!

  2. That wicked witch hat is too funny! Your boys are going to look great. I love the matching costume idea too.


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