Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I was in my sophomore year at the University of Louisville.  I was sitting in my French class waiting for the professor to walk in.  When she finally did, she simply said, "A plane crashed into the World Trade Tower" and then went along with class.  No explanation.  No one knew what to think.  No one asked any questions because we didn't believe her.  Who would continue class after saying that if they weren't a bit crazy?  After class was over, 50 minutes later, I headed to my next class along with everyone else.  When I got to the room, people were talking and confused about what was going on.  Our professor walked in, a former police officer with a totally different perspective than my French professor, told us what was going on and to go home and be with our families.  U of L cancelled classes the rest of the day.  There was a fear that swept across campus.  Everyone scattered towards home or a tv.  I got a hold of my love (of course we weren't married at that age)post signature and made sure he was safe and then called my family.  I didn't go to work that evening.  I was glued to the tv watching all the coverage.  It was almost unreal.  It was a day in our country's history we must never forget.  Even 11 years later, I remember it so clearly.


In the spirit of remembering, I must show you this picture.  I came across it last night.  It's not a photo I remember ever seeing.  I don't remember EVER being this big.  It's right before we got ready to go into the operating room the night the boys were born.  It's me, my hubs, and brother in law.  It's a dark picture, but wow.

So on this day when we remember a tragedy that will forever affect our country, also remember something that has brought happiness and blessings to you.  

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  1. It really was a shock wasn't it! Thanks for sharing the picture you came across!


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