Monday, September 17, 2012

Halloween Mantel

Guess who put up her Halloween mantel today?  Me!!  Normally my fall mantel is up beginning of September, but this year I'm slacking.  Shhh...don't tell anyone!  I switched things up a bit this year and added a few Halloween items.  I had to make those items before I could finish decorating.  It's still a simple mantel, but I really like how it turned out.  Here's a spooky night shot. (Am the only one who has trouble with the word mantel?  Mantel or mantle?  I always forget.  Dont judge!)

I made everything but the orange pumpkin at the end and the candles flanking it.  Even a few years later, the candles still smell like pumpkin.  Yum! 

I know this picture is out of focus but I think it's cool.  It reminds me of a full moon on a dark night.  Yeah, I'm totally in a Halloween frame of mind now!  In other news, let me show you how I made this wreath.

I told you they were simple projects with great impact.  This wreath is totally simple but I definitely love it!  I got my inspiration here but didn't want the flower.  It's cute on the door but would've been too distracting for what I wanted.  Here's a quick run down.

Get yourself a wreath that can be spray painted and some Pumpkin Orange spray paint.  It must be Pumpkin Orange because that just makes it cooler!

Spray that baby and let it dry for a day or two.  You want the spray paint smell to go away.

Get some black lace.  Get the cheapest you can find because you are going to just cut it in strips.  I used sewing pins and pinned the lace in place on the back.  Wrap the lace around the wreath, pinning as needed.  If you want the lace to be permanent, you can use hot glue.

Wrap, wrap, wrap until your wreath looks like this.  Simple and chic and the focal point of my mantel.  Next week, I'll tell you about the pictures and wine bottle.

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  1. What a cute mantel! I love the lights. That wreath looks so easy to make. Love everything lace right now :)

  2. thanks for sharing.


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