Thursday, September 13, 2012


Did you watch that performance finale??  OH MY GOSH!!!  I don't remember a finale that had that many awesome dances all in one.  Well, probably season 7 when Lauren won, but maybe not.  I actually don't want to delete it from my DVR.  When it comes down to it, this season, it is going to be really sad to see two people not win.  I still think Cyrus is going to win for the boys.  I love both girls but I think just the tiniest bit of me wants Tiffany to win over Eliana.  Next Tuesday we will find out. Tuesday is a must watch.  The whole top 20 will be back and they'll be dancing the judges favorite dances from the season.

I normally don't get all crazy excited about the solo dances.  However, Chehon's solo left me wanting more.  I was so disappointed when he was finished.  I have come to really like Chehon where as before I didn't pay him much attention.  He is so humble also.  Plus, he's a fabulous dancer.  Such power!


As for the best dance of the night, if you've been reading any of these you know that answer.  Give it up for Cyrus and Twitch.  The way that move and isolate their movements, whoa baby!!

I've watched it three times now and love love love it each time.  Bam!  Nailed it!  
My other favorite of the night was the Tiffany/Cyrus hip hop routine.  Yes there is a trend, I love hip hop dances.  There's just something about the way they move that gets me.  

Next Tuesday we find out.  All four are fantastic, but my official picks are...
Female:  Tiffany
Male: Cyrus  
Tune in Tuesday night at 8 on Fox to find out if I'm right!  You won't be sorry!

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