Monday, September 24, 2012

From Wine to Spooky

Let me show you another quick project from my Halloween mantel.  This is something simple you can do and personalize to your theme in just an afternoon!

See the black wine bottle on the right?  Let's make one of those!  It all started when I found some spooky labels at Design.Wash.Rinse.Repeat thanks to Pinterest.
I grabbed an empty wine bottle and spray painted it black.  I loved how shiny it was!  I printed off the labels and cut them out.  I grabbed my spray adhesive to attach the paper to the bottle.

Spray the back of the paper and slap it to the bottle.  I spray painted right over the wine label so I knew exactly where to place it based on the placement of the label.  Here's the thing to watch out for, though.  I didn't like the whiteness of the paper.  I was going to darken the picture up somehow until I used the spray adhesive.  It kind of spotted up the paper.  Fortunate for me, I liked that look.  Otherwise, Modge Podge might be a better choice.  I added an orange ribbon to top it off.  

What a super simple decoration.  You could even do the same thing for Christmas with a white bottle, red ribbon and scrapbook paper.  The best part of this project...IT WAS FREE!!!

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  1. Those turned out great!
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