Friday, September 14, 2012

Better After Feature

I shared with you my love of the Better After blog here.  I wanted you to be as inspired by all her before and after pictures like I was.  It was because of her blog that I was inspired to paint my first piece of furniture.  Three pieces of furniture later and one pending, I'm so happy I stumbled across it.

I knew I wanted to write Lindsey and tell her how I found inspiration in her blog and send her pictures of the pieces I had done.  I actually had to work up the courage to do it. She's like an actress.  She doesn't act, but lots of people look to her blog for entertainment and inspiration.  She is followed by many.  She's super witty too.  She's like the most popular girl in school.  I definitely had to work up the courage to email her.  I was glad I did though.  She was very sweet with her response.  Popular and sweet.  Those girls are the worst because you can't hate them for being popular anymore, you become friends.

Today I am super excited to say that I was featured on Better After.  That's right folks, I'm blog famous on a whole new level!  I'm as giddy as a little girl in a Barbie store.  Little girls still like Barbie's right??  If you still haven't, go check out her blog!!  Be sure you have days and days to look through her archives, though.  That's what happened to me.  I'm so glad it did, though!

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