Monday, July 2, 2012

I Can Do That! Purse Edition

I love when I see something on Pinterest, or the internet in general, and it inspires me to make my own.  The sense of accomplishment and pride you get when you complete something is awesome.  Sometimes, though, it doesn't always turn out quite like you intended.  That happens to me more often than I wish it did.  Sometimes it turns out better and sometimes, not so much.  Sometimes all you can do is learn from it and try again.  In the words of Aaliyah, "dust yourself off and try again".  Now I'm dancing in my chair as that song plays through my head.  I digress....

I posted a week ago or so about the purse inspiration I found on Pinterest from A Girl & A Glue Gun.  Let me refresh your memory.

I wanted mine to look just like this, minus the ruffles on the handles.  It turned out quite similar, but not exactly like I wanted.  Maybe next time, I'll try a thick fabric, maybe a duck cloth, and see if I get a better result.  It still is cute enough, it just wasn't 100% what I wanted.  I followed her directions as close as I could, then when her pictures stopped, I had to wing it.  

1.  Cut out your pieces the desired size.  You need two outside panels, two lining panels, a pocket, two bottoms pieces, a rectangle for your zipper pocket, 4 strips for your front straps.
2.  Iron on your fusible interfacing to your outside panels to give strength.
3.  Sew on your inside pocket to one lining piece.
4.  Attach your zipper pocket using THIS step by step, super easy zipper tutorial.

Here's a quick run down of how to add a zipper.

1.  Draw a rectangle the length you want your zipper to be.  Draw a line down the middle.  Draw a triangle at each end.
2.  Sew around the rectangle.
3.  Cut down the middle and along the triangle.  Fold your edges down and around the backside of the lining.  Iron down.
4.  Place your zipper in the hole and top stitch around.

If you are a visual person like I am, you definitely want to check out the above mentioned tutorial.

1.  This is what the back of your lining looks like sewing on the zipper.
2. Fold up the flap and stitch around the 3 sides to form your pocket
3.  Completed zipper pouch in your lining
4.  Closer look

1.  Fold your strap pieces in towards each other then fold in half so no raw edges are showing.  Top stitch down both sides.  Attach a ring (mine are just key chain rings b/c I have an over abundance of them) and stitch it in place.  Measure where you want your straps to lay on the front and back panels.
2.  Pin in place, making sure the front and back line up together.
3.  Stitch them in place.
Unpictured:  Sew your lining to your front and back panel pieces along the sides and the top, right sides facing.  Turn right side out.  The bottom should be a raw edge.  (A Girl & a Glue Gun left no raw edges.  I did)
4.  With right sides facing, sew the bottom panel pieces together along 3 sides.  Turn right side out.  On the 4th side, tuck in the raw edges and top stitch.  Sew bottom panel to front and back panels.

1.  Measure from the bottom of where your front panel meets the bottom panel to the top.  Cut 4 side panel pieces that length by the width of the bottom panel.  Sew them, right sides together, on 3 sides and turn right side out.  Tuck in the raw edges and top stitch.  Sew the side panel to the bottom panel.
2.  Tuck in the bottom corner to make a right angle between your side panel and bottom panel and sew upwards, attaching the side panel to the front.
3.  This is how it turns out.  Repeat so that both sides are attached.  Also repeat with the other side panel.

1.  This is what it looks like after sewing both side panels on.
2. Measure the width from one side panel to another.  Cut a piece of fabric for the top that length x the width of the bottom panel.  Cut it in half and attach your top zipper to both pieces.
3.  With right sides facing, top stitch the top piece to one front panel.
4.  This is one side attached.  Turn bag inside out.  Unzip the zipper half way.  Sew the top piece around the other three sides.  Turn right side out zip back up.

I did not take pictures of making the straps.  Follow the same process as before.  Cut a strip fold in long ways until the ends meet then fold in half.  Top stitch down both sides.  Attach around the ring with one strap on each side.

Here is my final product.  It's not perfect, but I'm proud of it!

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  1. I am now dancing in my chair too from your Aaliyah quote!! That is awesome that you made a purse - great color choice!

  2. IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! I am so impressed!! I don't know if I could do that on my own lol!Thanks so much for sharing and I am a new follower!!
    Hope you have a great day!

  3. This is AWESOME! Love the zebra print with the turquoise.. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. I am your newest follower~
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  4. AH!!! I love your version!!! I loved Kimbo's when she first shared it too... But it's awesome to know you can recreate it! Hey, by the way, this is featured over on Truly Lovely today! ;)


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