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I'm currently sitting here on the couch with my glass of Bluegrass Blush from a local winery snacking on a Twizzler and watching my favorite show.  That's right ladies and gents.  It's time for another SYTYCD review.  Thanks to oh so convenient DVR, I'm pausing after each dance tonight and writing a snippet.  That way I can express immediate feelings and not forget anything.  Yay you! :)

Opening number:  I love the numbers with all the dancers.  They have a different element to them than the couple dances.  This opening number was a Nappy Tabs routine and all I can say is, "THEY'RE BACK BABY!"  I'm not a Marilyn Manson fan, but the "Beautiful People" song takes me back to high school so I don't mind that one.  The dance was great.  Not a typical hip hop routine, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  And let me just say, she is too stinkin cute pregnant!

I am NOT A FAN of this season's format.  I realize Fox took away their results night and let me just say, FOX, YOU SUCK!  I know that was mean, but come on.  How can you have a performance show and results show in one night.  I just don't know how this is going to work.  I don't appreciate when people start flubbing up my show!  You hear me FOX??  Next season, bring back the results show!  And by the way, next Saturday, July 28, is national Dance Day.  Get up & dance!!  Have some fun!

Now, back to the show :)

Lindsey & Cole:  I'm a Christopher Scott fan.  Part of it stems from the fact he was in Newsies and that's one of my all time favorite movies.  Part of it, he's just a fun choreographer.  This was a fun routine.  Not one of my top favs but I did enjoy it.

Amelia & Will:  Sonya's work has gone soft, in a good way.  It's more romantic than some of the darker pieces she's done in the past seasons.  This routine was beautiful.  However, I spent more time focusing on the music than the movement.  I was trying to figure out where the music belonged, either in a movie from the Victorian period or from something like the Hatfields & McCoys.  Again, it was a beautiful piece.  I loved Will in this piece.  After that, they are definitely staying!

Amber & Nick: I have to admit.  I looked away to text during this routine.  I'm not as excited about the ballroom pieces as I am the rest of the genres.  What I saw was good.  I do feel like they're going home tonight, though.  We'll see.

Audrey & Matthew: The extension on their legs, Holy Cow!!  It's like they go on forever.  That was awesome!!  Totally different than Sonya's first piece, more like her usual stuff.  I love the pairing and loved the choreography!  Win!

Janelle & Dareian:  It was cute.  Dariean was super charming in this.  And man, what a kiss!  Would totally wear her sparkly shoes too!  They did great with the characters.  I sort of agreed with Nigel in that there could've been more in the choreography.  I wouldn't pick up the phone and vote, but it was cute!

Janaya & Brandon:  I think Broadway routines are so fun (there's a reason I have broadway season tickets) and this did not disappoint. Brandon rocked it! I know they're going to be in the bottom three couples, though.

Since they brought it up, I'm excited about Step Up Revolution.  Lots of my favorite SYTYCD alums are going to be in it and there's dance!  Perfect combo.

Eliana & Cyrus: What a hot routine!  Cyrus is my favorite.  I am so rooting for him to be the boy winner!  Watching his story from the beginning, knowing he is a crumper and has pulled off these other genres and look great doing it, come on!  I just want him to win.  They didn't get the best feedback from the judges, but I really liked it.  They had so much fun!

Alexa & Daniel: Wow.  Dee did it with this piece.  One thing to learn about me, growing up my parents loved Yanni and we listened to Yanni a lot.  His classical music is beautiful and to this day, I have great appreciation for his music.  I even had it playing in the room while laboring.  I connected with that piece because of the music.  It brought back all kinds of images from my childhood.  The dancing was beautiful, but they are on the bottom of my list.  There's just something about both of them I'm not a fan of.  I kind of feel like they are going home.

Tiffany & George: Lovely.  She looked glamorous in the purple dress.  They floated around the dance floor.

Witney & Chehon: Bollywood is such an interesting style.  It's so quick and fun.  I always enjoy watching it.  I watch it thinking that it would be such a great workout :)  Witney, I think, is my favorite girl.

Again, I do not like the format this season!  I don't like that they are sending 4 home this week.  I am glad they saved Witney, especially since I just said she's probably my favorite girl.

Overall it was a great show!  Sonya's routines stole the show.  As a couple, Audrey & Matthew are my favorties.  Individually, based I think more on personality than dance, Cyrus & Witney are my favs.  Who did you vote for?

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