Friday, July 27, 2012

Race Results

(Sorry about no Foody Friday.  With having VBS this week, we haven't had a normal dinner time so I didn't make anything recipe worthy.  Until next Friday!)

The results are in....
Last Friday I ran the second leg of a four 5K series.  The Oldham County Grand Slam consists of four 1 mile and 5K races that support different organizations within our local community.  My hubs runs as part of a group his employer organizes.  He runs for speed.  This is the first year I've done any 5K's so I'm just running for completion.  For Friday's race, I had a lot of chest congestion.  I keep coughing during the run and it was miserable.  I couldn't get a deep breath after the first mile.  I honestly didn't think I was going to finish.  I started off strong with 10 minute miles but by the time I hit mile 2, I had to walk.  I HATED to walk, but I had to.  It was either walk or pass out.  I opted to walk.  I walked three separate times between mile 2 and mile 3.  I don't know how long I walked, but there were two other people that were walk/running right with me so it was motivating to stay right with them.  My mother in law ran it with me.  We started out together, I separated from her about a half mile in and then she caught up to me around 2.5 miles.  She pushed me at the very end to kick it in to gear and give it everything I had.  I didn't think I had anything left but at the very very end, I ran my heart out.  It worked too because I finished this race, even with walking, faster than the first race!  I was super proud and even a little disappointed that I had to walk.  But, I did it, finished strong and have until August 11 to train for the next one.

Here are my results:

Race 1:   124th Place  34:58 time
Race 2:   124th Place 33:05 time

Yeah Baby!!  I shaved off that much time even walking 3 times.  I was super psyched :)  My goal is by the 4th one to be able to do 10 minute miles so for 3.1 miles about 31-32 minutes.  We will see.  I'm just proud of myself at this point!  If you're local and interested, the next one is August 11.  Check out for details.

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