Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Twin Tuesday: Learning our Letters

**First I must make a few announcements!  The DIY Address Wreath I linked up last week was featured on two blogs!!!  The Gunny Sack and Serenity You.  Yay!!  Also, the LLC facebook page launched this morning.  What an exciting week!  Don't forget to follow LCC too!

It can be difficult to keep the attention of two 3 year olds.  I have to be creative when I really want them to focus.  What better way to keep their attention than with food??  I bought some alphabet Cheez-it's when we ran out of goldfish thinking that would be a good way to help with learning letters.  Today we played a letter matching game with a puzzle we had.  They had a bowl of Cheez-it's and had to match the Cheez-it to the letter on the puzzle before they could eat it.  It worked well, for a little while anyway.  

*Don't mind those glasses.  They are Batman sunglasses that lost their lenses.  
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