Thursday, July 12, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance Review

First of all, that is the one and only time you will see me type out those words.  From here on out, it's SYTYCD.  Secondly, learn this about me quickly.  I LOVE SYTYCD!!!!  Anyone who knows me in real life knows not to call or text me while this show is on, unless you are texting about the show.  Even my hubs knows the only thing that is going to be on tv Wednesday nights during the summer is SYTYCD.  I love dance.  I love watching it and I love participating in it.  It is such a beautiful way to communicate.  This show allows you to see all genres of dance with some of the best choreographers out there.  Then, you get to vote for your favorites.   Every Thursday I'll give you a run down of the best and worst moments.  It starts today!!

Last night the top 20 danced for the first time for votes.  They are paired up into 10 couples dancing in different genres.  Typically my favorites to watch are the hip hop routines, Tabitha and Napoleon being my favorite hip hop choreographers, and contemporary, Travis Wall being my favorite in that genre.  Last night that wasn't necessarily the case.  My favorite of the night was a contemporary piece by Sonya Tayeh.  Tiffany and George danced it beautifully.  The music and the dance were the perfect combination.  I was actually disappointed with both Nappy Tabs routines.  Remember how I said Napoleon and Tabitha were my favorite hip hop choreographers?  They are referred to as Nappy Tabs.  No, I did not just make this up.  It's their nickname on the show.  Here's an example of their awesome abilities.  This is absolutely my favorite hip hop of all seasons and in my top three of favorites out of all 8 previous seasons.

And can you believe Alex Wong is a ballet dancer and could still rock it??  With this dance as the standard, this week's Nappy Tabs routines were bland.  I love watching lyrical hip hop, but it just didn't do it for me this week.  I cringe to say that, too, because of how awesome I think they are.

Following Sonya's, Travis Wall's contemporary piece was my second fav.  Just about anything he choreograph's is beautiful.  This was no exception.  Audrey seems weightless and her partner Matthew, well, Matthew looks like a young Ryan Gossling and that's fine by me!  Here, I'll prove it to you.

After that, I loved two of the ballroom routines.  Usually I don't overly enjoy the ballroom, but these were the exception.  Whitney and Chehon did the Samba, I think, which started the show off right.  Lindsay and Cole finished the show with the Pasa Doble and it was awesome.  The other couple I like is Cyrus and Eliana.  They had a Tyce Broadway routine that was enjoyable.  With the level of talent this season, it's going to be one heck of a season!

So there you have it.  Jeannie's top 5 couples in no particular order:
Tiffany & George
Audrey & Matthew
Lindsay & Cole
Whitney & Chehon
Cyrus & Eliana

Let me hear what you think!!
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