Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I have mentioned before my favorite creative outlet is jewelry making.  I'm really in to sewing right now, but that's something I can't do 100% on my own.  I have to have someone else's pattern to follow or idea to use.  When I create a piece of jewelry, it's just me.  Whatever idea I get in my head, I make it.  Some times I see other things that give me inspiration, but the end product is always something from me.  Each piece of jewelry that I've sold carries a piece of me with it!  I've been making jewelry since 2006 and with each new fashion trend, it renews my excitement for designing.  These are some of my latest pieces.  I needed a few statement pieces and I think I got them.
This is my favorite necklace right now.  I wear it with everything.  

This is my turquoise piece.  It can be noisy as they kind of clunk into each other but it looks cool so I deal. 

My yellow cluster necklace.  Different shapes and shades of yellow. 

I wanted to try my hand at the ribbon necklaces I'm seeing all over Pinterest.  I liked how it turned out.  I liked it so much that I'm donating it to Pinkapotamus for her huge giveaway to celebrate her blogiversary and hitting 700 followers.  

This was my second ribbon necklace.  This one I'm keeping.  

****Exciting announcement.  As the blog continues to grow I want to show my appreciation.  Once we hit 25 followers, I'll be giving away an original piece of jewelry.  Spread the word and help us grow! 

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  1. These are really beautiful. I love the yellow cluster one. I've just gotten into jewelry making lately myself and I love to see what other people have made. I would love it if you would stop by and share at Lines Across if you get the chance.

  2. Hi, I found you from the blog hop. I joined so you are 1 closer to the 25. Your jewelry is beautiful. Have a great week.

  3. They are wonderful.:)

    All the best.:)


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