Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Bedroom Project Complete

I love the color of our bedroom. It's a teal but toned down with a lot of gray in it. I decided I wanted yellow as my accent color in there. You've seen the jewelry hanger and the picture over our bed. But we had one more wall, a long wall, that was empty and boring. I had been looking for something to do and when I came across THIS adorable idea over at A Diamond in the Stuff (one of my fav inspiration blogs!) I knew I wanted to do my own little spin on it. I went on a search for the "&" and wasn't able to find it. Another trip back to Hobby Lobby and I found them...50% off!! Yeah baby! So I got to work.

The gold letters before spray paint. I love how they are 3D and not just flat letters!

Here is my bare wall.
The painters tape marks where the bedroom door is when it's open.

I wasn't sure of their layout
so I tried a few out on the floor first.
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5
I liked this best and went with it!

I love how it turned out. The picture kind of makes it look small but it spans the entire wall and looks great!!! I had to throw a pop of yellow in there too to tie in the yellow on my other two walls. For now, this completes our bedroom. Do I love our comforter? No. Will it due for now? Yes. Since my walls are grayish teal and my accent is yellow, I wanted a gray comforter. I want a neutral and with a dog and two toddlers, white isn't an option. I can't find one anywhere. I'm so bummed, but oh well. I'll find one eventually!!

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