Sunday, June 10, 2012

That's So Cute! I Bet I Can Make That!

My sewing machine and I have a love hate relationship.  Here lately, though, we've been on a good roll.  I have gobs of cool projects pinned on my sewing board and I've been trying things out here and there.  My latest fascination is PURSES!!  What woman doesn't love a fabulous purse??  I know I do and to have the satisfaction of making myself just tops it off.

I have been looking for a yellow bag for what seems like ages and when I came across THIS tutorial, I knew I had to try.  It is chic looking.  It's the perfect size.  It's YELLOW!  What's not to love!!

You can't tell me that isn't awesome!  I took a little trip to Joann's with my trusty coupon in hand and was in search of fabric as close to this as I could find.  Louisville LACKS big time in the fabric department.  I so wish there were more options of fabric stores.  I did find some white fabric with yellow dots on it and a solid gray to work with.  Unfortunately, I was so excited to get started I didn't take any pictures in the midst of it. It didn't turn out anything at all like my inspiration purse.  NOT AT ALL!   But it was still cute.  My sister thought it was so cute that she claimed it as her birthday gift.  I was super happy she liked it that much, although it's not as big as the suitcases she calls purses.  It will be more of a special occasion purse for her instead of a daily use.  I was happy with how it turned out, but I doubt I will make another like it.  I winged it and couldn't tell you what I did.

It's not the best picture, but you still see it.  The yellow and white was the outside, the straps, inside pockets and the rosette.  The gray was the top, the sides, the bottom and the lining.  I'll try to get some better pics from my sis.  It's boxy, but it was an awesome first try!

My mother in law's birthday was 3 days after my sister's so why not make her one too since the first one turned as so well.  I think I rushed a bit with this one because, you know, I knew what I was doing.  It still turned out pretty cute, it just wasn't as perfect as I wanted.  She is all about black and white.  Occasionally she'll throw in some red, but she's always in a neutral.  I thought I'd break her out of the box.  I think I did a very good job of that!   

I'm currently working on another one, this one I'm keeping!  I'm trying my hand at the inspiration purse again.  This time I'm breaking away from yellow.  I'm doing teal and the accent fabric is white and gray zebra print.  That's not a typical fabric I'd be attracted to, but I loved them together! I am taking step by step pics to share.  Hopefully I'll get it completed soon, before the birthday party in two weeks.  

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