Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Backsplash Wishes and Painted Cabinet Dreams

That's how Robin Leach says it in my head anyway.  I have big dreams for our kitchen.  Not all are realistic, especially since my income is made up of little boy hugs and kisses.  Too bad Lowe's doesn't accept those as a method of payment.  Since they don't, I will continue to collect ideas for my dream kitchen.  My plan is to slowly, bit by bit, complete projects.
Here are my wishes:
*Paint the cabinets white and leave the honey oak a thing of the past
*Paint the island a different color, probably black
*Replace the countertops
*Put in a backsplash
*Replace the floor that's either linoleum or vinyl -but this is a need because it's cut and starting to tear more

Is that all?  Yeah, I think it's just about everything you can do aside from replacing the appliances.  So while I dream away of my fabulous kitchen, I search out inspiration.

gray kitchen
Love the color combo of the tiles, cabinets

Starter Home to Dream Home


LOVE this kitchen!!  The white cabinets and white subway tile with gray grout...Must have!
Little House Big Plans

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