Thursday, June 14, 2012

"At the End of It All..."

"...I want to be in your arms!"  Those are lyrics that have stayed with me since the very first time I heard the Barlow Girl song "Beautiful Ending".  I love their music, this song being my favorite!  I knew immediately those words would be up in my house some how some way.  I thought about doing them in vinyl but A) I do not have a Cricut or Silhouette, and B) it would cost WAY too much to do it through a company like Uppercase Living or the Etsy shops I found.  So I put that idea in my I will do this later bank and went on my merry way.

Enter Pinterest.  I came across some tutorials on painting words on wood.  HELLO!!  That was it.  I'd get some wood and go for it.  Fast forward several months and still no lyrics in my house.  Great idea but lacked the follow through.  Here's the beauty of June, though.  Since we have one big birthday for my boys, that's the motivation for me to kick in to high gear and get stuff done.  Most people only come to my house once a year, for the birthday party.  When people show up, I want the house to look as good as it possibly can.  Beginning of June I start working like a mad woman to get projects completed.  It keeps me on task because there is no room for procrastination! I have completed 1-2 projects each day for the last two weeks.  I love feeling productive.  I'm not getting to bed before 11 but I can sacrifice a few extra hours of sleep a week.

I started with a blank canvas and used craft paint over the entire thing.  Our room is a teal with yellow and turquoise accents.  I went with turquoise since the lamp that will be near this is going to be yellow.

I printed out the lyrics in CallieHand script I found on  I wanted something that had a romantic feel.  

I tried two different methods.  If you use wood, a ballpoint pen is all you need.  It makes an indentation that you paint over.  I wasn't sure how it would work on canvas.  Method 1: I used the ballpoint pen and wrote over the letters as dark as possible.  Method 2: I used a sharpie to go over the letters first then used the ballpoint pen to go over the sharpie.   

Here you can see the difference.  The second line that starts with O, I used sharpie.  It left it kind of fuzzy.  I didn't like that.  The thrid line you can see faintly, but no fuzzies.  I finished off the rest of the lyrics without the sharpies.  
I used my white craft paint and the smallest tip paint brush I had and went over the words as best I could.  I did this on the kitchen island so the lighting was good.  I did two coats of the white to make it look bright.   
 Here is the blank space that needs some lovin. I knew it would be a great space for my lyrics.  I have a lamp that needs some TLC for the night stand to add the splash of yellow.
 You can see by this picture, the lamp is definitely needed.

I love how it turned out.  It's incredibly simple.  There isn't much to it at all.  It's the words that make this piece so special to me.
Watch the video so you can hear how beautiful the song is!

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