Thursday, June 7, 2012

Craigslist Find

*This post was from April 2011, but it still seemed relevant so I wanted to share my excitement with you.

Craigslist & I have been like this. I realize you can't see me crossing my fingers, but that's what I'm doing. I have been on Craigslists every day, sometimes multiple times a day looking for a bargain. My main objective: find an entertainment center that will allow me to do my best to create something like THIS! Of course while I'm on there, I also look to see if I can find any other can't pass up deals. I haven't used it yet to buy anything, so I guess I haven't found any can't pass up deals. That is, my friends, until last night!!

One of my dream projects is to find a china cabinet and remake it to make my dining room. Good news for me, I'm getting ready to paint my dining room so I'm starting with a blank slate really. I came across the ad while waiting for the hubs to get home so we could do our bi-weekly trip to the Mexican restaurant to listen to a local southern rock & blues singer do his thang. It was then that I saw these words:


As any smart girl would, I clicked on the add. For $60 it was worth at least looking at even though I knew it wouldn't be anything special. It was too good of a price. This is what I saw.

Look at that beauty. The turquoise just makes it! No, I'm kidding. But still, it was perfect for what I wanted to do with it. I called Jean (my craft partner in crime and college roommate and art teacher(so you know she's filled with all kinds of artsy knowledge)) and told her I needed her husband's truck. She's a former Peddler's Mall junky so I knew she's fully understand the steal that was this price. I then remembered my dad gets off much earlier than she does and the shop closed at 6 so I called him and asked if he'd be my delivery boy. I then called the shop and they still had it! YES! I told her I'd be coming tomorrow to pick it up.

Guess what. I did! I met my dad at the shop this afternoon and I bought it. It sits in my garage right now waiting to be turned into something beautiful. I can't tell you how excited I was and still am. The hubs doesn't share my excitement but he'll come around, eventually. He will once he sees how awesome it turns out-yes it will be awesome.

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