Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bright & Easy Wreath

I wanted to replace my standard front door wreath with a new fun Spring wreath.  I painted our front door red last fall.  I love turquoise and had some fabric that had both colors so I went with a turquoise wreath.  I love it as a bright pop of color on the door!

Fabric strip Spring wreath.

I took a Dollar Tree wreath and wrapped it in turquoise yarn. Frankly, it sucked.  I burned my finger once, badly, and it was tedious.  The shape of it was cool, though, once it was finished.  I took some scrap fabric and made the little rosettes.  I added some buttons,  hot glued and bam! The whole thing cost me a dollar and a blister.  Love it though so I guess the blister was worth it!

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