Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Have You Met Kate?

I haven't either.  She seems like a super cool person, though.  Kate is from The Small Things Blog.  It's a style blog where she talks about fashion, make up, nails and most importantly, hair.  In fact, she has fantastic hair tutorials for just about any kind of style you can imagine.  I signed up for an email subscription so I wouldn't forget to check her blog.  Go check her out!
(If you read "Have You Met Kate" in a Barney Stinson voice like the "Have you met Ted" phrase, that's awesome!)
Off subject, but just as cool, I hit the jackpot today!  Well, not literally.  The fabric jackpot.  We went to Joann's today to get some fabric to over the top of my ottoman.  I figured duck cloth would be best because of the thickness and durability of it.  While I was looking through, not finding what I wanted, one of my little men decided he needed to potty.  That turned out to be a fantastic potty trip!  Down the aisle to the bathroom is decorator fabric.  They are having their big Firefly Frenzy sale.  Decorator Fabrics were 50% off.  I don't know about you, but on my budget decorator fabric is never an option.  That is, unless it's 50% off!!  I've been eyeing a Better Homes & Gardens fabric for a long time but was never going to pay $24.99 a yard for it.  Well, cut that in half and it's equal to some of their other fabrics and that's a price I can justify!

Isn't it just beautiful?  I realize the picture quality isn't the best, but you get the gist.  Modern in color and design, but funky at the same time.  I about squealed in the store and I know the sweet little chick cutting my fabric probably thought I was crazy the way I kept smiling.  I couldn't help it.  Cloud 9!  It looks so high end and chic!  There's just something special about finding a great deal on something you didn't think you'd have!  

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