Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby hats

Babies. I love babies. That's why I have them two at a time. I want to just love all over them and take them all home. My husband tells me I can't do that so instead, I just make them their own little baby hat.

I think the sweetest gifts are handmade gifts. Every time someone has a baby, I love to make them a newborn earflap beanie.  It's such a cute little hat, even though it's not my own pattern. The artistry is in how you choose your colors, the placement and embellishments.  You can personalize them to fit each baby/family.

This was for baby Lily.

The brown, turquoise & yellow as well as the pink and gray were for baby Reece.  Here is baby Reece modeling :)

This is Mason snoozing with is blue & gray. 

I made one with UK colors, white and blue, but couldn't bring myself to post it.  GO CARDS!!

This was for my cousin's daughter Devyn.  She was the first great grand daughter in like 16 years so we were all excited to dress her up.  

So there you have it.  My little hand in dressing up babies.  If you are interested in one, shoot me an email for a custom order!

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  1. I found a Tomater (Cars) hat on Pinterest and posted it on my One Day board. You should look cause it's super cute and I want that one when I have a little boy one day. :)


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