Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birthday Preparation

My boys are turning 3 this year.  AHHHH!!!!  Where does the time go?  They are all in to superheroes.  They do not discriminate either.  They love them all.  So it seemed fitting to scrap the circus theme party I wanted and to go with Superhero Birthday Bash instead.  I have gobs of things I want to do, thank you Pinterest, and I'm trying to do little at a time.  The invite asked for everyone to wear their favorite superhero t-shirt or suit.  Neither hubs nor I have any sort of superhero tee so it was up to me to make them.  It was a super tedious project, but I think they turned out fairly cute.

I googled superman emblem with different letters.  Found an M for SuperMommy and D for Super Daddy, printed them on cardstock and cut them out.

I laid it over the yellow felt, drew the diamond shape and cut out.  Then I laid the M over the blue felt and the D over the red felt, traced with a pen, then cut it out.

I put the M design and D design over the yellow and viola, instant super logo. 

I then hot glued them together and stitched them to our shirts.  

(yes i know this is blurry, but it's the best pic i could get)

I knew I wanted to make some masks for the kids to wear, at least at the picture area we're setting up.  I found a few different masks on Pinterest, but here is the one that was easiest. I printed it off cardstock, cut it out and got to tracing. 

That was the easy part.  I figured why not put two colors together and they could be reversible. Well, my sewing machine was giving me fits so the ones I did get sewed up weren't the best looking.  Will the little ones care, I doubt it, but I did.  

Example: Batman

 Here's my little Batman sporting his mask!

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