Thursday, June 7, 2012

Functional Art

 I saw an awesome idea for a jewelry hanger on THIS great blog and thought I could make it my own. Since I make my own jewelry I have plenty of it just laying around and don't have but a tiny little jewelry box for storage. When I saw the idea, I knew I had to make one for myself! I didn't follow her steps exactly, but that's because I'm impatient and didn't want to wait until I collected all the same materials she did before I could do it.

It started with a trip to our local peddlers mall. Oh how I love that place. I could spend hours in there taking my time looking at everything. Usually, though, the boys are with me and therefore I'm on a tight schedule to find what I need and get the heck outta there before the first meltdown is activated. I wanted to make two originally so I bought two ornately framed mirrors but I only ended up making one based on where I decided to hang it. I primed my gold mirrors and then sprayed them my fun yellow that is my master accent color. It's such a fun splash of color in an otherwise muted room.

Next I got out my quilt batting and cardboard. I used the back of the mirror to trace and then cutout the cardboard so it would fit the frame. 

I then laid my quilt batting over the cardboard and taped it with masking tape.

I got out my awesome turquoise and white damask fabric and put it over my cardboard and batting. Again, I used tape to put it in place until I got the frame back on, which was the next step.

After all that, I screwed in little hooks in different places then hung it up on the wall and decorated it with my jewelry.


Simple as that and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The hubs of course said it looks too girly, but that's ok. A little feminine touch is good and once I'm 100% finished with our master, there will be a few more feminine items to spruce it up!!

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