Friday, June 15, 2012

Snazz Up a Frame

I inherited a cool antique frame with a hand painted plate in it from Nana when she downsized her living space (that sounds so much nicer than she moved from a patio home to assisted living.  it's sad, really).  I knew I wanted to do something cool with the gold frame - PAINT IT - but I wasn't quite sure what.  I had a small space between our garage door and lamp leading into our living room and the frame was just the right size to fill the void. That space will be lonely no longer.
Let me start off by saying, I need a super cool fancy camera that can take fantastically awesome pictures!  From that you should infer that the pictures I'm about to show you are not the best quality.  They are phone pics with not the best lighting. You'll still get the point, just not in a fantastically awesome way.
I primed the gold frame and then spray painted it white.

You can see the details, but they weren't standing out like I wanted.

I grabbed my antiquing glaze and decided to go to town.  You take a small paint brush and wipe the glaze all over the frame.  Take a damp cloth and wipe off the surface.  The glaze will stay in all the nooks and crannies giving it that old look.

Look at the difference!!

The next step is what personalizes it.  I took some scrapbook paper and cut it to fit the frame.  I wanted a "B" on it so I painted it yellow.  Told you I was loving turquoise and yellow!!  The best part about this project is that you can change it out any time and it gives you a brand new feel.  You can use holiday fabric or scrapbook paper too!  

See how it's the perfect size to fill the space between the door and lamp! 


  1. Found your blog through the It's Overflowing link up - love what you did with the frame. It looks great!

  2. Hey! I found you through the link up Saturday! I love the frame and your blog. I am your newest follower in all capacities! Check out my post if you get a chance! Amber


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